Keane @ The Olympia, Dublin.

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7 Responses to Keane @ The Olympia, Dublin.

  1. Patrick k says:

    Really execellnt pictures…i was there like 5 rows away standing….pitty u cant see me only 16 and this was my first concert…..

  2. chickenballsquish says:

    Awh. It was really exciting, wasn’t it? Hope you didn’t get too squished.

    I have some more crowd shots. I’ll post them up and you can see if you’re in any!

  3. Patrick k says:

    ok thanks

  4. PIERO says:

    muy buenas fotos¡ .. gran calidad 🙂

  5. anthony says:

    this was amazing im the guy at the front with the purple shirt holding my hands out to tom

  6. Cranpepe says:

    Don´t worry, for you traslation, if you want let us comment, in english :D, and tahnks for visit my site, i thanks so mucho for you very good photos 🙂

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