Foals @ Heineken GreenSpheres

Hello the Internets.

I’ve been neglecting my poor little blog as of late – sorries – college = hectic and I managed to completely miss the first two weeks of May. Who am I to complain when 2nd year is officially over on Monday. I know everyone says this, but really, it has flown by. As of next week, I will have more than enough time to floot about on the internets, shoot lots of gigs and hopefully get started on some exciting photo-projects I have planned with Hannah. Hurrah! Anywho, here are some shots of the incredible Foals from last nights Heineken GreenSpheres gig in The Academy.

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2 Responses to Foals @ Heineken GreenSpheres

  1. emgela says:

    these are really good!!

  2. chickenballsquish says:

    Awh, thank you!
    Were you at the gig? It was soooo good.

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