I don’t use my external flash a lot. In fact, I think I’ve only used it once or twice since I got it. How shameful.

Thankfully, a lovely chat with Sean at the State Social inspired me to crack it out. I hate that my Maths teacher was right; you do need maths after school. Bah.

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4 Responses to Practice

  1. deadl says:

    The first one is great.
    I tried it outdoors too for the first time. Really is fun.
    But indoors you can control everything!

  2. chickenballsquish says:

    I love it. The last few nights I’ve been out in the back garden from 6pm trying to figure it all out. Obsession!

  3. deadl says:

    Yeah – I had me missus house ruined – dragging lamps and lights all over to place into the bathroom.

    We should get a few of us together sometime for it.
    Like Strobist Ireland:
    But without the noncery & equipement envy!

    Actually ahve you seen the Strobist website that started it all:

    Some amazing stuff there!

    • chickenballsquish says:

      Heh. Equipment envy. I am jealous of all equipment that is not mine.
      I’ve never seen those sites before, thanks man. You are feeding my obsession!

      We should definitely have a little field trip. I would absolutely be up for that. If it ever comes to fruition, count me in!

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