I am motoring now. *stands triumphantly* In my own little 4 wheeled, go-machine as our friend Sean calls it. I managed to trudge through the whole purchasing process without any over-the-shoulder Dad style intervention, so I am feeling extremely proud of myself right now. To celebrate and break her in, (yes, my car is a girl) my brother, our friend Neel and myself took a little spin out to Dun Laoghaire last night. The roads were empty and the pier was totally deserted. Beautiful. Now if only my tripod would arrive for these long exposure pictures. Self high-five has been retracted as it’s Wednesday and still no sign of my interweb purchases. Boo-urns! Although, I may have missed the post man delivering them this morning because I was very asleep. I’m trying to convince myself he was delivering some Amazon sewing books I ordered. Bah!

Dun Lolo

Dun Lolo

You can view this large and on black here: Yay! It looks a wee bit shakey blown up. I want my tripod!

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