The Photographic Dictionary

I stumbled across this ages ago, bookmarked it, forgot about it and found it again this morning.

I’m only on E. It’s going to take me at least a week to scroll through everthing but, for me, it’s a fantastic source of inspiration/direction/epiphanies because other than live music shots I’m yet to dabble in any kind of constructed photography. Most of my photos just happen and I’d like to be able to have an idea and see it through. Of course, alot of that will come with learning.

The last assignment we did in college was the first time I’ve ever been given a brief and I had more than a few overwhelmed blank-mind moments. We were just given one word to work with and through the powers of my primary-school brain storm technique I ended up with 2 A4 pages full of ideas. I still feel like a bit of a creative novice so when I realised how your mind twists and wanders so many different ways interpretting one word, it was a real eye-opener for me. Especially, given it was the first time I had actively taken part in that creative process.

I imagine I will spend more time coming up with insane ideas from the words in the dictionary than actually taking photos, but sure, it’s all relevant and a giant learning curve.

The Photographic Dictionary

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