120 days

That is the amount of bloody days I have to while away until college (otherwise known as The Fountain of Knowledge) starts back. I think. It was 120 days when I officially finished my last exam on Wednesday, which coincidently was my 23rd birthday. I am OLD. I live in OLD Bawn. My favourite actress is gOLDie Hawn etc etc.

Now that I’m old, I’ve been trying to think of something productive to do during the summer. I am still going to do a lot of sitting. An inordinate amount of sitting actually, but when I think of being stuck inside my house all summer it makes me feel like I’ve just eaten an onion by mistake; icky. I have decided that as well as making my very own ‘I miss learning’ calendar to tick off the 120 long days of pining, I will try and take a photo every day, again. There is a slight possibility that I have attempted this mammoth mission before. I failed, obviously. New day, new year, yada, yada.

As of late, I’ve also been absolutely mesmorised by the glorious cooking of the foodies by my friend Aoife. Since I am horrified by onions, mushrooms, beans, 90% of vegetables and most foods you actually have to cook, I’m going to cook some of the bits Aoife has made and eat them. For real. They look so delicious, but I know if I had the meal in front of me I would pick it apart and at 23 (there’s the old reference again) I should really be able to eat a fork-full of vegetable lasagne. Shame.

Photo day starts tomorrow. Maybe today. I am the boss of me. You shut up!

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One Response to 120 days

  1. aoifemc says:

    Lol. That’s all I gots to say. Lol.

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