Choice Music Prize

Went along to the Choice Music Prize last night. Bloody brilliant. I enjoyed the shite out of the whole night. My college magazine got me a lovely photo pass (which I eventually stuck to my leg – oh the excitement) so I was able to buzz about, stalk and take pictures.

Super Hurray for Jape! I’m chuffed he won.

Tah dah:

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3 Responses to Choice Music Prize

  1. Ooooh lovely and sharp photos! Maykay’s face is so sculpted! But look at the sore bruisie!

    It’s cool how they’re all different as well, angle, colour, exposure…RSAG is *hard* to get right cos the drums get in the way…I heard he was brilliant though, really energetic and powerful, deadly…I ❤ Jape as well tho. Bought my mum his album for Crimbo, she’s always singing it 🙂

    • chickenballsquish says:

      Awh thanks Nay! *chuffed face* I know what you mean about RSAG, practically climbing on stage to get him behind all his mad drummy stuff. I love the light in it though. Was totally chuffed with it! I wish I took more of Jape, that’s my only regret. Still happy with how they turned out though. Is Mary not the most photogenic person on the planet?! I think so! I want red shorts now. Heh!

      I told my Mam that myself and Gav were going to see Jape in Tripod last year and later she said have fun at Jim. Bahaha! Speaking of parents who love Jape – Gav’s Dad came with us to the Tripod gig and loved it!

  2. Nay says:

    *wink* we let ’em think they’re cool. Cos they are. Cos we let em think so. Right?

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