My friend Donal called over today and I made him some hot chocolate in the pan; the old school way. He spilled it everywhere when he tried to pour it into his cup because he is a “man” and thinks he can do everything. He also thought he could use my camera. He couldn’t. He has a nice jacket though.

Took a million photos over the last few days. I have my 35mm and I’m testing things on my dSLR first. Didn’t help me get the film out when it was finished though. I messed it up and now I have to start again. Bah! Lesson learned. I took some photos for my lil bro’s band. Well, it was just Steven telling me idea’s he had and me trying to figure them out. It’s times like this when some Photoshop skills would come in handy. At least I can drive and cook. I’m not totally useless. Oh, I also put the alphabet spaghetti I bought months ago to use. It was a suprise for Gav and he really liked it so I’m chuffed. =)  Tah dah:


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2 Responses to Chocolatey

  1. rushel says:

    Oh gosh I love that last picture with the alphabet spaghetti. Lovely =]

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