Owww my teeth

I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday morning and now I look like this:

At least the pain has eased off. I thought I was going to die on Friday night; antibiotics sent me to dope city and the persistant face throbbing stopped me from falling asleep. Bah! One day I’ll be able to chew again and go outside without my fat face shame scarf! On the bright side I’ve eaten about 15 Milky Bar/Rolo yoghurts. *droooooool*and we had a lovely Valentines Day full of TV and snoozes.

Possibly the funniest fat face related issue is that I have to go on Questions & Answers with college tomorrow night. Nooooo! We have to go on the panel in class tomorrow morning so that should be painful/hilarious. I am praying my face goes down a little more before tomorrow or I’ll be blabbing on about Irish polotics with a sloppy lisp.

I dont like operations.

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4 Responses to Owww my teeth

  1. rushel says:

    Oh no, it’s funny because I’ve been putting off doing that same operation for months upon months now. I have to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed, plus three invisible teeth. !!

    • chickenballsquish says:

      No! You have to do it! It is horrible though, I won’t lie – but it’s worth it. I had all 4 taken out but only one side of my face swelled up, the side were my teeth had yet to come through the gums. Eugh. It’ll get so sore if you don’t do it!

  2. liz says:

    Poor Sara! I have to have mine out too and have been avoiding my dentist cos he’ll make me do it next time I go in đŸ˜¦ Is it a proper full on knock you out operation?! I’m hoping so cos I really don’t wanna be awake for it!

  3. chickenballsquish says:

    They make you go asleep which is the best part! I’d never been operation asleep before so I was really nervous. I was talking away and then you feel yourself going all slurry…I remember saying “I have a wierd taste in my mouth” and they were like “Yeah, yeah, ok”!!!!! Best just get it over with! They give you a week off work afterwards too!

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