SEBP pics/College

Ta Dah! Here are a few of the one million photos I took at the video shoot. The rest of them are on my Flickr. I’m still really chuffed that I got to hang around and watch the madness and even more chuffed that the photos are linked on Waaaaaah! (That’s me being excited!)

In other news, I started back in college this week. Disaster. I’d just like to take this time to thank Dublin Bus and in particular the 49 for helping all the veins in my head pop over 2 hours on Monday morning. Aswell as all the many motorists who decided that snow is in-fact life or death and the only way to survive it is to drive to work.  I’m so bitter, I know. I trudged from Tallaght to Harold’s Cross with my tea-cosy snow hat on only to find that there was no snow in D8. Pah! I ended up missing my first class back which wouldn’t have been that bad only it happened to be the one class I’m dreading. Public speaking and the likes…..nooooo! Why am I so scared? I have it again first class in the morning so I’ll be leaving with about 3 hours to spare. I bet I could walk to Harold’s Cross in 3 hours…..

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2 Responses to SEBP pics/College

  1. rushel says:

    These pics are well good. I really like them.

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