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My friend Donal called over today and I made him some hot chocolate in the pan; the old school way. He spilled it everywhere when he tried to pour it into his cup because he is a “man” and thinks … Continue reading



I like to do the shakey.


Windmill Lane

Myself and Oisin took a little trip into Windmill Lane to take some photos today. I can’t believe I’ve never been there before. I live in a bubble world. It’s so cool. So, so, so cool. Apparently, there’s another place … Continue reading


Exam Results!

Results are in and I am super happy! I did way better than I thought I would and no repeating either. Thank christ says me. HURRAY!

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Owww my teeth

I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday morning and now I look like this: At least the pain has eased off. I thought I was going to die on Friday night; antibiotics sent me to dope city and the … Continue reading


Dun Dun Duuuuunnnn….exam results

Next freeeekin Monday. Shit sandwich. This is all.

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I was going to put these up during the week but I’m lazy. Honest but lazy. I’m so happy the snow is nearly gone because now I’ll be able to get to college on time (fingers crossed) and potentially get … Continue reading

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