Daisy Elsted

Is possibly the most beautiful puppy in the whole entire world.

Her Moms is my boyfriend Gavin’s little sister Eimear. (That’s a tongue-twister) Daisy is her 21st birthday present and she’s a little golden pile of springer spaniel loveliness. I was a little bit afraid to pick her up at first because she has a problem with her hind legs. She waddles around like John Wayne and will most likely have problems like arthritis when she’s older. Boo! Once I plucked up the cuddles courage she buried her head inside my hoodie, popped her hind legs in my pocket and slipped off to sleepsville. Heart-melting cuteness.

I drove down to Newbridge today to have dinner in Gavy’s house and annoy Daisy by shoving my camera in her cute little face. Dinner was lovely as usual and the pictures turned out better than I expected.

Ta Dah! Oh Daisy! Isn’t she amazing! I’d like to steal her but that might get me in trouble. Below Daisy is Maxine, the now forgotten child. She’s a bit grumpy seeing that there’s a new pup in the house. I snapped her having a sulky moment. She looks devastated! Last one is my Gavy and Daisy. I don’t know who’s cuter in that one. Mushy moment. =)

Daisy Elsted

Maxine Elsted

Gavin & Daisy

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