Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I do this every so often, set up a blog that is, then I delete it, ignore it for a while and start the cycle all over again. I’m hoping this time around will be different because I am different! Oh yes. I know, I know, such a bold and brave thing to say but it is 2009 after all and college has me all spunky and inspired. I’m sure it’ll fade but until then I’ll be documenting my random creative adventures on the interweb. Who knows, I may actually keep it up and have something accomplished to look back on when I finish college.

A little about me: Apart from not usually being this optimistic I’m a 22 year old 1st year studying Journalism & Visual Media. I love it. I’ve just finished semester 1 and I’m praying that I wake up with some patience in the morning because I cannot wait to get stuck into semester 2. I’ll finally be doing some photography outside of my bedroom and that can’t be a bad thing.

I don’t know why 2009 has me so optimistic. I’ve a TO DO list as long as my legs that I’m going to try and get through. If you say things out loud you kind of have to commit to things so that is part of the purpose of the blog. So here goes…..

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